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IWA Mid-South: NEW CHAMP in Shelbyville, IN! 4/14

IWA Mid-South debuted in Shelbyville, IN at Southwestern High School on Saturday night with a historic event. Attendance was 356 paid. This special fundraiser included the IWA debuts of two legends in the wrestling business in DEMOLITION AX and the HONKY TONK MAN - but the big news coming out of this event is that a NEW champion was crowned! Onto the results...

1.) VORTEKZ def. "DIEHARD" DUSTIN LEE, RICOCHET, xOMGx, & JACK THRILLER in a wild light-heavyweight opener. Bodies were flying everywhere in absolutely no time. In the end, Vortekz managed to gain a win, pinning xOMGx after a flipping-German suplex from the top rope with both men using xOMGx as a landing pad.

2.) Special Midget Match - T.O. def. PUPPET in an exciting contest with a front-flip senton off the top rope. Both meant business and put on a great wrestling match.

3.) IWA Mid-South Women's Title - MICKIE KNUCKLES def. CHRISTIE SUMMERS with the Shining Kawada kick. Summers was quite impressive, sustaining a snap-suplex on the hardwood gym floor and a vicious B-Boy Dropkick in the corner. Summers held her own but Mickie Knuckles proved to be too dominating.

4.) THE IRON SAINTS (VITO & SAL THOMASELLI) def. BILLY ROC & TONY KOZINA with a reverse Kalifornication (with Vito coming off the top rope, who has had issues with Kozina in other organizations.) Kozina was impressive in his IWA Mid-South debut & worked well as a team with Billy Roc. With Brandon Thomaselli at ringside, "IWA's Welcoming Committee," Vito and Sal, proved to be the better team tonight.

5.) DEMOLITION AX def. TANK in a hard-hitting and entertaining bout. Throughout the match, Tank pulled a foreign object from his pants and assaulted Ax's ribs and back. In the end, Tank was caught by the referee and Demolition Ax pulled a foreign object of his own, knocked the Stong Style Psycho silly, and picked up the win.

6.) TLC Match for the IWA World Light-Heavyweight Title - BRANDON THOMASELLI def. JOSH ABERCROMBIE, ending his near 15 month title reign (only short by one week.) This was a brutal match that is a MUST SEE. As soon as Josh Abercrombie hit the ring, he went right at Thomaselli before the opening announcements. Tables, ladders, and chairs were totally legal in this match. A total of three tables were used; the final one ending Abercrombie's reign, as Brandon gave Josh the AIR RAID CRASH from the TOP OF A LADDER, TROUGH A TABLE and pinned him in the middle of the ring. Brandon's brothers, Vito and Sal, grabbed the belt and presented it to him in the ring. They proceeded to lay a beat down to Josh, adding insult to injury. The new IWA World Light-Heavyweight Champion, Brandon Thomaselli, walked in on commentary on several occasions the rest of the evening, claiming a big celebration later that night.

7.) CJ OTIS def. "SPYDER" NATE WEBB in an exciting match-up with the Burning Hammer. Nate had his trademark entrance, going all over the large Southwestern gymnasium. Webb took CJ Otis to the outside and held Otis as he had about half of the front row chop him across the chest.

8.) "THE DAMAJA" DANNY BASHAM vs. IAN ROTTEN went to a double count-out as both men brawled all over the bleachers, throughout the crowd. Before the match, Ian talked about how Basham used to work for a rival company in Louisville and how that company used to give him a lot of headaches. Ian said despite all that, he respected him and that he would like a pure wrestling match. That, however, ended rather quickly when both men spilled to the outside, throwing forearms and chops. They fought all the way up into the bleachers and Basham gave Rotten a nasty vertical suplex, up around the 20th row. They continued to brawl, even after the referee had thrown the match out.

9.) HONKY TONK MAN def. "MARVELOUS" MITCH RYDER w/ JIM FANNIN after the Honky Tonk Man clocked Mitch over the head with a guitar, as Jim Fannin inadvertantly distracted the referee. Honky sang his trademark song before the match, and even had an encore. Friday, Mitch Ryder invaded the afternoon announcements of Southwestern High School. Saturday night, the Honky Tonk Man was accompanied to the ring by Southwestern High School teacher Mr. O'Malley. Jim Fannin got on the microphone and berated Honky and the teacher, whom Jim Fannin referred to as "Mr. Feeney."

10.) IWA Mid-South World Champion CHUCK TAYLOR def. against IWA Mid-South Death Match Champion DRAKE YOUNGER in a great main event after connecting with the Omega Driver. CJ Otis was on commentary, talking about his upcoming Barb Wire Warfare Match with Drake Younger on 4/28. Otis was actually pulling for Drake, hoping that it could make their match not only for the IWA Mid-South Death Match Title, but also for the IWA Mid-South World Championship. Throughout the match, Chuck Taylor taunted the crowded, eventually sending the kids into a frenzy. Drake Younger almost became World Champion but came up just short. After the match, a group of elementary school children surrounded the ring, preventing Chuck Taylor from leaving, who claimed to be the "King of Elementary School Kids." Taylor required a slight security escort to exit.

This DVD will be available on soon.

IWA Mid-South's next stop is Sunday, April 22 in San Antonio, Texas.
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