Sunday, February 11, 2007

CARE and some other vuz, vuz, vuz Jabronis Roundtable Preview: TNA Against All Odds 2007

-- Casey, Ric, Euan, myself, Marcus, Scott and Wade are all back to pick the mind (or nose) of TNA and their Against All Odds PPV tonight. Click here for our preview, here's the card:
*NWA World Title: Kurt Angle Vs. Christian Cage w/Samoa Joe as "Unofficial Enforcer"
*Sting Vs. Abyss in a Prison yard match.
*Italian Streetfight: LAX Vs. Team 3D
*X-division title: Jerry Lynn Vs. Chris Sabin
*Mixed Tag: Petey Williams/Gail Kim Vs. James Storm/Ms. Tennessee
*Basebrawl II: Dale Torborg W/AJ Pierzynski Vs. Lance Hoyt W/David Eckstein
*Christy Hemme Vs. An opponent to be determined
*Preshow Match: Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal Vs. Serotonin

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