Monday, April 2, 2007

PWU 4/21: Messiah - Trent, Corp, Big Announcement

PWU 4/21: Messiah - Trent, Corp, Big Announcement

Pro Wrestling Unplugged returns Saturday, April 21 at 7:30 pm to The New Alhambra Arena,
7 Ritner ST
in Philadelphia, PA with “Moore Than Enough”.

Just added:

* Trent Acid vs. Messiah

PWU Owner Tod Gordon guarantees Messiah’s return to PWU action. As Messiah faces Trent Acid, will Adam Flash be waiting in the wings? Catch Power Surge TV to see what Messiah had to say to his “old friend” Adam Flash after they assaulted each another last month.

Also on Power Surge TV, watch the preview of the main event for April 21 where PWU World Heavyweight champion defends against former partners Joker and Ricky Reyes.

PWU’s April 21 event now features:

* PWU World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore vs. Joker vs. Ricky Reyes

* Messiah vs. Trent Acid

* #1 contenders to the PWU Tag Titles: Angus Brothers vs. The SAT vs. Bosom Buddies (Teddy Fine/Drew Blood)

* Barbed Wire Tables Match: Johnny Kashmere vs. Zach McGuire

* Meet and Greet hosted by John House and Eric Gargiulo featuring over 20 PWU stars after the event

* …and much more

Listen this Thursday to LIVE! Radio at 10 pm as hosts John House, Doc Daniels, and Nate Stein are joined by special guest Corporal Robinson.

Later this week, PWU we will have a huge announcement regarding the addition of another head turning match up.

Experience the New Edge online at for exclusive news, Power Surge TV, upcoming event information, and new merchandise at the Pro Shop.

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