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Pro Wrestling/Mixed Martial Arts news and notes 1/17/07

-- Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts news and notes for today, Wednesday 1/17:

-- Official: California Approves Use of Ring for MMA (

-- 'Crookston Fighting Challenge' organizers hope for a sellout (Crookston Daily Times)

-- Liddell and ultimate fighting cash in on rage (San Luis Obispo Tribune)

-- Outdoor MMA event may feature 15 fights (Pacific Daily News)

-- Smackdown spoilers from Little Rock (

-- Cablevision subscribers now channeling WWE 24/7 (

-- The Rock, Stamp get 'Smart' (Variety)

-- UK: 1PW Announce Plans For “Resurrection” On April 6 After Securing Financial Backing (

-- Federline signed to do Super Bowl ad (Yahoo)

-- ACW 1/16/07 in New Port Richey, FL HEART THROBS INVADE!!

by Alan Wojcik of

On Tuesday Jan 16, 2007 American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US HWY 19 in New Port Richey, FL. Plenty of surprises occurred and here’s what you missed.

(1) Austin Amadeus and Nick Fame defeated ACW Cruiserweight champion Nooie Lee and Jaison Moore.

This match came after these four wrestled in singles bouts and nothing was settled. Despite never teaming together Lee and Moore worked well, keeping Amadeus and Fame guessing for several minutes. At one point Lee raked Amadeus’ eyes and tagged in Fame, but with Amadeus blind he raked his partners’ eyes. Moore’s luck ran out when Amadeus hit a shot that looked close to the belt line. It allowed Fame and Amadeus to work Moore over for several minutes, keeping the referee busy with some trickery. It frustrated Lee but he had to remain in his corner. Moore refused to be pinned or submit and was able to get an energized Lee into the match. All four men got involved but in the end Amadeus saved Fame from being pinned by the Bangkok Bomb. With Moore on the floor he couldn’t save Lee from being pinned by Amadeus’ sitout finisher.

(2) Twizted defeated Zack McGuire.

Both men traded fast moves but McGuire went to the floor to avoid an armdrag. Twizted followed him out and threw him into a wall. McGuire fought back with punches and hit a splash off one of the stage speakers. The fight went over to the merchandise tables and finally back to the ring. Twizted hit two suplexes and kicks to the chest of McGuire. Thanks to an eye rake, McGuire hit a tornado DDT but Twizted hit a twisting move of some kind to win. His celebration was cut short when Ralph Mosca hit the ring and power bombed Twizted. Mosca said he was ready for LaDuke Jakes.

(3) Sedrick Strong and “Canadian Dream” Joshua Masters (w/Fetish) defeated “the G.O.A.T” David Mercury and “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus.

Despite last week’s match Mercury and Taurus put aside their differences to deal with Strong and Masters. As referee Billy Dalton checked Taurus for weapons Masters attacked but it backfired as Taurus fired back with punches that sent Masters looking for an exit sign. Taurus and Mercury kept control with double team moves on Masters’ arm and shoulder. Masters hit Taurus with a Canadian legsweep and tagged out to Strong. Taurus countered a corner whip and hit an enziguri before tagging in Mercury, who hit Strong with forearms and a modified T-Bone suplex for two. Strong was the first one to his feet and hit a suplex of his own before spitting in Taurus’ direction. This made referee Dalton take his eyes off the double team work of Strong and Masters. They used every dirty trick they could on Mercury and also got Fetish involved when she choked Mercury on the ropes. Mercury fought out of a chinlock and hit Strong with a German suplex but couldn’t tag out as Strong hit a suplex of his own. Mercury tagged out to Taurus but Fetish and Masters had Dalton’s attention and he made Taurus leave the ring. Finally Taurus tagged in legally and cleared the ring with forearms and clotheslines. Taurus and Mercury hit ten punches in the corners and it looked like victory was sewed up but Taurus accidentally knocked Mercury over when he went for a TKO. Taurus dropped Masters to check on Mercury and it backfired when Masters rolled up Taurus. After the match Taurus and Mercury traded words but no violence occurred.

(4) Big Daddy Pimp defeated “Mourning Star” Marcus Hall.

Pimp came to the ring and beat down Hall like he owed him money for rendered services with a lady of the night. Pimp’s punches and kicks stunned Hall who needed several moments to get back on track. Hall scratched Pimp’s face and laid in the kicks he received. Pimp fired back with a powerslam for two but he missed a corner splash and Hall hit a running boot to the face. Hall got back on the attack focusing on Pimp’s lower back with knee shots and mat stretches. Pimp fought back with punches to the jaw and a clothesline that nearly knocked Hall out of his boots. Hall fired back and got a two count. Pimp fought out of an STO and hit a suplex into an Acecrusher to win.

(5) ACW Tag Team champions Dogmatika (Sideshow and Dany Only) defeated former WWE superstars The Heart Throbs (“the Promise” Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli) via DQ.

That’s right the Heart Throbs invaded ACW for one night only and they let the ACW fans how they felt about them, calling them drunks and losers. Roselli and Only began the match and it was Only who got control with armdrags an hiptosses before attacking Roselli’s left arm. Roselli used Sideshow’s shorts to move him to the corner and tag in Thomas. Thomas faired no better as Sideshow got an armbar but Thomas used an eye rake to tag out but Sideshow grabbed both men and knocked their heads together. Sideshow got Thomas in a Boston Crab but couldn’t get a submission. Sideshow went for a slingshot move but Roselli grabbed his legs causing Sideshow to smash his face on the ring apron. This allowed the Heart Throbs to use their double team moves to wear down Sideshow. This went on for several minutes as Only could just stand in his corner with the fans cheering their heroes on. Sideshow moved out of an attempted Roselli Bronco Buster and tagged in Only. All four men traded punches but Dogmatika tossed Roselli to the floor. They hit Thomas with an STO/chestbreaker move to get the pin which was stopped when Roselli drilled Sideshow with a tag team title belt. Despite the DQ the Heart Throbs tried to leave the champs busted up but Sideshow got them to leave when he came into the ring with a folding chair. After the match Sideshow invoked the Dante Hicks excuse (I’m not supposed to be here today) for their unplanned match.

(6) In an Anything Goes Street Fight, LaDuke Jakes fought “Roughhouse” Ralph Mosca to a no contest.

Mosca had to win this match to earn a shot at ACW Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee. Mosca was supposed to come to the ring first but he didn’t appear when his entrance music was played. Suddenly Mosca stumbled out of the locker room with a cut on his head. He was followed out by Jakes who brandished a fork and he proceeded to shred Mosca’s face. The two men finally got to the ring where the violence only escalated. Mosca got in a crotch shot and an elbow to the head before getting the fork from Jakes. He smashed Jakes in the forehead and the blood began to flow. The action went to the floor where Mosca hit Jakes in the head with a chair. Mosca sent Jakes in the ring and hit a top rope bodyblock. Just when it looked like Mosca was going for the win, Jakes hit him with a fireball to the face. Referee Dalton had no choice but to call for the bell. ACW staff hit the ring to tend to Mosca’s face and get Jakes away from the ring. Mosca said this wasn’t settled and he wanted Jakes inside the confines of a steel cage!

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